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Alma Muniz


Alma has been with the firm for five years and she is know for getting things done and getting them done quickly.

Alma enjoys working at McMullin Injury Law because she loves the people she works with. She is proud to be an important piece of the puzzle where she can do her part to help people out after a car accident or serious injury.

One of her favorite parts about what she does is the feeling of completion when she is able to get a client’s massive stack of complex medical bills and records organized in a way that makes sense so their story can be properly told. That can be a tall order, and Alma is up to the task. She spends all-day everyday contacting the hundreds of medical providers that our injured clients have seen for treatment and she tracks down their bills and records so we can have an accurate picture of exactly what our clients went through.

Alma is an extremely hard-worker and is able to get anything done. She is an excellent listener and pays attention to the details. That helps her in her position at our firm where organization is everything.

Alma has lived here in St. George for more than 20 years. She graduated from Millcreek Highschool here in St. George where she then attended Dixie State University. Alma loves her dog, Mia, she is a malamute German Shepherd.

In her free time, Alma enjoys the outdoors. She loves to go to the lake with friends and family and loves to snowboard in the winter.

Alma Muniz


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