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Anthony McMullin

Anthony C. McMullin – Founding Partner

Anthony McMullin is the founding partner of McMullin Injury Law and the firm carries his name. Anthony was raised in St. George, Utah—the same town where the main office of McMullin Injury Law is located. Anthony has dedicated his life to the practice of personal injury law for well over a decade. He is passionate about fighting for the rights of injured victims in his community.

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Andrew Spainhower

Andrew Spainhower – Managing Partner

Andrew has been with McMullin Injury Law since 2013. He became a partner at the firm in 2018. Andrew has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury cases and obtained millions of dollars for his clients. He has a breadth of experience in every aspect of personal injury law from simple insurance claims to complex jury trials. Andrew is extremely passionate about being able to truly help people who need it the most by making insurance companies do what's right.

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Nate Langston

Nate Langston – Partner

Nate is the head of the litigation department at McMullin Injury Law. Before joining our firm 2018, Nate spent most of the last decade working at three different large personal injury law firms across the State of Utah. He has an enormous amount of experiencing in litigating cases through lawsuits once negotiations with the insurance company break down.

Nate is a seasoned trial lawyer with a vast amount of jury trial experience. His experience in personal injury motion practice is second to none in Southern Utah.

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Kigan Martineau

Kigan I. Martineau – Partner

Kigan Martineau specializes in complex matters such as trucking cases, wrongful death, and serious brain injuries.

Kigan is a personal injury attorney with seven years of experience. He is an innovator in the industry, and he gets results. He serves our clients a great breadth of experience and resolve. He has particular expertise in complex car collision cases, eScooter/Bicycle accidents, and trucking cases. He has fought against both large and small trucking companies, including Matheson, UPS, and Swift Transportation, leading to amazing results for his clients.

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Jordan Palmer – Attorney

Jordan Palmer was raised in St. George, Utah. He is fluent in spanish. He graduated law school at the University of Oregon. It was there the Jordan realized he had a deep passion for insurance law and helping those being treated unfairly by the insurance companies. Jordan is skilled at negotiating with insurance adjusters on behalf of his clients. He understands that people who have been in accidents are tackling difficult physical, financial, and emotional situations.

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Magalle Nuno – Paralegal

Magalle Nuno is the longest tenured paralegal at McMullin Injury Law. She handles a massive case load and still takes the time to treat each and every client with the upmost compassion, attention, and expertise. She is a resource to the rest of the paralegals at our firm.

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Mara Saenz – Paralegal

Mara is McMullin Injury Law's wunderkind. She has an innate ability to master complex problems extremely quickly. Mara's level of expertise makes it seem as though she has been a personal injury paralegal for thirty years- though it's only been three.

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Kacee Weldin – Paralegal

Kacee Cardon-Weldin is a skilled paralegal who has worked in the personal injury field since 2007. Every client loves Kacee. She spends a great deal of her time at the office handling the endless stacks of paperwork, medical records, and correspondence generated by personal injury cases. Kacee is the best in the industry at what she does.

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Teri Arredondo – Paralegal

Teri is a paralegal at McMullin Injury Law and has been with the firm for two years. Before joining our firm, Teri spent her career in Medical Billing & Collections for Intermountain Healthcare. Her vast array of past experience handling the many difficult situations that arise in the world of medical billing has made Teri a valuable asset to our firm and more importantly, to our clients.

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Stephanie Spainhower – Paralegal

Stephanie Spainhower is a paralegal at McMullin Injury Law. She is in love with her job! She loves having the opportunity to help people that need it most-- when they are injured and overwhelmed. Lots of stress can come with a car accident or other injury. She makes our client's problems go away. Stephanie continues to enjoy involvement in social justice and advocacy through her writing and other volunteerism.

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Alma Muniz – Paralegal

Alma enjoys working at McMullin Injury Law because she loves the people she works with. She is proud to be an important piece of the puzzle where she can do her part to help people out after a car accident or serious injury.

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Paul McMullin – Litigation Specialist

During his career in the legal system, Paul worked for the District and Federal Courts and many attorneys throughout the state of Utah. Recently, after almost 35 years of legal work, Paul retired to spend more time with his wife, five children and 17 grandchildren. Retirement didn’t last long, however. When the opportunity came to work part-time with the fast-growing personal injury law firm of McMullin Injury Law, Paul jumped at the chance to get involved.

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Kim Barnes – Reception

Kim will be the first person to greet you when you walk in the doors of McMullin Injury Law. Kim is our firm's first line of defense in getting you the help you need after an accident. You'll know immediately upon your first interaction that Kim is a person who cares deeply about others. She has a huge heart and she does a great job setting people at ease during tough times.

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Chanlie Leavitt – Reception

Chanlie is a receptionist here at McMullin Injury Law. She loves getting to see and talk to our clients each day. If you come by our office, Chanlie will be the first person to greet you. Chanlie is a phenomenal communicator. She is quickly able to put people at ease and get them the help they need. She has years of experience working at personal injury law firms and is an extremely valued member of our team.

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