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5 Summer Activities that Could Send You to a Personal Injury Attorney

Southern Utah is an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream. From lakes to desert landscapes, individuals can enjoy their summer outdoors and participate in various activities. While many of these activities seem innocent enough, they still have risks and danger associated with them. If you or a someone in your party gets injured as a result of negligence or fault of another, you may want to seek out a personal injury attorney for help.BoatingSpending time on the water can produce a lot of fun memories. When boating accidents happen, it’s often the driver who is at fault, typically for reckless behavior, and alcohol may or may not be a contributing factor. Boating accidents can lead to serious injury or even deaths. In 2020, Utah reported 90 recreational boat accidents and of those accidents 10 people died and 59 people were injured.

ATVing & Off-road Vehicles

Young kids or individuals without the proper knowledge of knowing how to drive and maneuver an ATV can be susceptible to severe injuries if an accident occurs. Traveling through dirt tracks or splashing through mud, can be of great risk to an inexperienced driver. If the ATV flips and/or traps the rider, the person(s) can experience broken limbs to traumatic brain injuries. ATVs are getting heavier and offering more safety features. But they are still dangerous especially for inexperienced drivers. Make sure to wear helmets and proper safety gear and opt to have an experienced driver operating the vehicle.


Most accidents involving bicyclists occur during road biking when a cyclist is involved in an accident with a vehicle. However, the rider will be much more susceptible to injury or death since vehicles operate at higher speeds. From riding on the road to trails around St. George and Cedar City, wearing proper gear such as helmets, pads and reflective clothing can help protect you in case of an accident. If your accident is on city owned trails or property, you will need to prove negligence if the trail/area hasn’t been properly maintained or marked for safety. This is where we can help.


Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups on the road. In the event of a traffic accident these motorists aren’t protected by their vehicle, which leaves them susceptible to severe injury or even death. The seriousness of the injuries and the high cost of care makes pursuing a personal injury settlement smart in the case when the motorcyclist has a valid claim.

Swimming Pools

The wet surface of swimming pools can cause slip and falls which could cause head, neck, back injuries, or fractures. Diving into shallow water can cause head and neck injuries. Swimming in areas without lifeguards on duty, improper safety measures, fences, or supervision can also lead to dangerous situations such a drowning or near drownings that can cause severe brain damage.

While we want our summer activities to be fun filled and memorable, sometimes accidents happen. When they do, McMullin Injury Law is here for you. We have years of injury law experience and have helped hundreds of clients get the help and compensation they deserve. Call us today.