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Interstate 15 is a major freeway. Tons of semi-trucks use it as their main route of transportation. Loads of car accidents occur on it every single day. If you have been involved in a car crash or other accident in Beaver, Utah, you are no doubt under a lot of stress.  You suddenly have a lot of new responsibilities that were unexpected, like fixing your car, and of course getting medical care for yourself and any passengers if you were injured.  It can be overwhelming. At McMullin Injury Law, we specialize in taking care of people after accidents in Beaver, Utah. We want you to first focus on getting well, and we can help you.You likely have a regular doctor that you see that can help you with your injuries. But if you need help finding the right medical professional for you, McMullin Injury Law can connect you to clinics in your area. We work often with doctors and specialists right in your area. We are local, and we want you to get well.Once you are on the road to recovery, you might be wondering if you need a personal injury attorney to help you with your case. The expert attorneys at McMullin can help you quickly assess, usually in one phone call, what your case is worth, and how important it will be to have a personal injury attorney at bat for you.

One important thing to remember when making your decision about retaining an attorney is that Utah, like many states, is classified as a no-fault state. That means that your own insurance policy kicks in first in the case of any accident, to cover your medical expenses. The limit for PIP on Utah policies is $3000. If your medical expenses or related costs exceed $3000, the responsibility falls to the liability insurance of the person that caused your injuries.

However, that insurance company has a whole team of claims supervisors and adjustors that are ready and trained to pay out as little as they can possibly get away with on your claim. In this way, they retain their company’s profits. At McMullin Injury Law, we are here to level the playing field for your personal injury claim in Beaver, Utah. We want to make it a fair fight. If the insurance company has experts on their side, shouldn’t you?

Many people want to try to take care of their own personal injury claim on their own. They think they can get everything they deserve from the insurance company without any help. While you might be able to get a small settlement, the experts at McMullin Injury Law deals with these cases in Beaver, Utah everyday. We know what it takes to get the most for you, and we are willing to do the work. We can also help you by keeping track of your medical bills and records and maintain contact with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

In the end, you will be glad that you contacted a local attorney to be your ally during this time. It can be stressful, and you will want someone that is nearby your hometown of Beaver, Utah to handle the stress for you so you can focus on getting well. Whether you experienced a car accident, dog bite, or slip and fall injury, McMullin Injury Law has the knowledge and expertise to get you back to 100%.