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Common Construction Site Injuries

construction injuries & other serious injuries prevented w/ personal protective equipment during common construction accidentsWorking in the construction industry often requires long hours of repetitive motions and manual labor. The job sites contain heavy machinery, equipment, and debris. If the job site or machinery are not properly used or maintained serious injury or even death can occur. OSHA and other safety standards should be properly trained and enforced to ensure worker safety. According to OSHA, 4,764 construction workers died on the job in 2020. In 2021, it was reported that Utah had the 2nd largest share of employment in construction, making up 7.6% of all wage and salary workers in the state.

Common Construction Site Injuries

  • Falls – Falling is one of the leading construction accidents causing injury and death on construction sites. Workers are required to climb ladders, roofs, scaffolding and other tools that all pose a risk of falling. Employers are required to provide the necessary safety equipment and procedures to prevent falls in compliance with OSHA regulations. A few of the main contributors to falls are:
    • Construction workers not supplied and equipped with a fall arrest system such as a harness
    • Lack of guardrails or improperly installed guardrails
    • Lack of safety training
    • Improperly constructed or installed scaffolding
    • Wet, slick or slippery work surfaces
    • Failure to perform routine safety site inspections
  • Struck-by incidents – The heavy machinery and equipment creates a very dangerous work environment. Everyone must be vigilant to be careful and safe on the job. Being hit by a falling object can occur when items aren’t properly secured to a vehicle or crane. Even trenches and retaining walls can give way and the weight of the load can cause serious injury or death.
  • Equipment-related accidents – Machinery that is improperly maintained has potential to malfunction. Using the proper guards, harnesses, eyewear, etc. can save limbs from lacerations, cuts or even amputation.
  • Electrocutions – Defects are a significant source of construction related injuries. Electrocution can occur from contact with power lines, defective equipment, or exposed wires. Power lines, whether overhead or underground, can carry high voltage. If not properly de-energized from the utility company, these shocks can result in death.
  • Vehicle-related accidents – Work sites can be chaotic and distracting. It can be possible for construction workers to get struck by or even pinned between vehicles or large equipment including trucks, backhoes, excavators, or forklifts. Most accidents occur when vehicles are backing up. Utah is also known for frequent construction on highways and freeways. These accidents can be particularly devastating if a driver doesn’t adhere to the road signs and a construction worker is involved in a crash.

Common Construction Site Injuries

construction accident w/ injured construction workers - labor statisticsAny of these injuries can have lifelong effects, require multiple surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation depending on the extent of the injury.

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Eye and ear injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Death

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Utah Has the 2nd Largest Share of Employment in Construction