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Dad Films Kids Slipping On Ice

Winter is coming in Southern Utah. Luckily, the St. George area does not have to deal with much ice. If you do come across a patch of ice, please notify the premises so that they can make the area safe. McMullin Injury Law does not condone this Dad’s behavior, he could have easily pulled up and warned the kids about the ice rather than filming their demise. That said, as long as no one was hurt, its hard not to laugh.Slip and fall injuries, however, are no laughing matter. Unfortunately, sometimes a fall can result in a serious injury. Some of these incidences are not preventable, but others are. If you have questions about the law regarding slip and fall injuries, please visit the Free Legal Resources section of our website, or give us a call. We represent injured clients throughout Southern Utah, including: St. George, Cedar City, and Hurricane, as well as Mesquite, Nevada.

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