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Do You Need to Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Do You Need to Contact an Attorney after a Car Accident?

Well, it’s happened, you have been in a car accident. So what to do next? Many people are left wondering whether they should get a lawyer involved. Some think that it’s greedy to hire a lawyer. Some think they can do as good of a job on their own. Neither of those lines of reasoning is logical. As to whether or not it is greedy or selfish or contentious, there are a few things to remember.First, if you had hit someone with their car and injured them, would you want to pay to make sure to take care of them and get them back to full health if you had plenty of money and you could easily afford it? I sure hope the answer is yes. If not, you are not a very good person. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford such costs, that is why we pay for insurance every single month of every single year that we drive for our entire lives.If we never actually file a claim with our insurance company, then we literally spend our entire lives paying for the service of nothing. Nothing. We pay those insurance premiums so that if we do suffer a loss, or cause a loss to someone else, we can take care of it. So if you would like your insurance to fix the problems that you cause, don’t you think that someone who hurt you might want to help get you back to full health as well? As a citizen in the Southern Utah community, I would sure like to think so.

The second point to address is whether or not you can do as good of a job on your own, without the help of an injury lawyer. Well, I am a lawyer, if I walked into your place of work, put on whatever you wear, and tried to do your job that you do every single day, do you think that I could do it better than you? I am a capable guy, but I highly, highly doubt it. The inverse is also true. If you tried to get the maximum fair amount for a bodily injury claim after an accident, you would not get as much as a professional would. Someone who does that every single day has an enormous advantage over you. Then, add in the fact that an attorney has spent seven years in formal education and spent hundreds of hours studying for an exam that tests him or her on their understanding of the law. This all takes place before a lawyer even gets their career started. Still, think you can represent yourself better than a lawyer could? I highly doubt it.

With all of that said, there are some circumstances in which you may not decide to hire an attorney, which is fine. Usually, what is not fine is when you decide to not consult with an attorney at all. If you could talk with an expert in a particular field before attempting to do that very thing, and you could do it for free, would you? Yeah, if you have half a brain, you would. That is why car accident lawyers offer free consultations to discuss your possibilities.

If you have been in a very minor accident where there is really only a property damage claim and maybe a few medical bills, an attorney will likely advise you that you can handle the claim yourself. He or she will give you helpful information, and send you on your way. The more serious your claim is, the more likely that you will be extremely grateful to get an attorney involved. Don’t let what you don’t know hold you back from being fairly compensated. Call a car crash lawyer today.

This article is offered only for general information and educational purposes. It is not offered as and does not constitute legal advice or legal opinion. You should not act or rely on any information contained in this article without first seeking the advice of an attorney.


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