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Dog Bite Law

Welcome to the Dog Bite Section of our Free Legal Resources. Most people wonder whether or not a dog owner should help pay for the medical bills that follow a dog bite incident. In general, people are not seeking revenge on the dog owner, they are simply curious as to whether insurance is in place that will help take care of them. After all, no one asks to be injured by a dog. The personal injury attorneys at McMullin Injury Law have handled many injury cases related to dog bite incidences. Dog attack injuries come in all shapes and sizes, and our injury lawyers know what your claim is worth. Please feel free to review the following articles for answers to your questions. Lastly, if you or someone you know has been hurt by a dog in Utah, Arizona, or Nevada, please don’t hesitate to call our office for a free consultation.
No one likes being bitten by a dog. It causes physical injury, it usually results in permanent scarring, and let’s be honest- it’s scary. Yet, for some reason, sometimes people are hesitant to hire an attorney after being bitten by a dog. Maybe the dog’s owner is a friend or neighbor and people get nervous that it will hurt the relationship? Utah law is very clear that we are all responsible to prevent out dogs from biting people no matter what. We are automatically responsible if and when our dogs hurt someone. Luckily, homeowners insurance covers the medical bills and more for these dog bite victims. Problem is, we will never get taken care of properly by insurance unless we hire attorneys to track down the homeowners insurance and handle the claim properly.You are a human being, and your injury is worth a lot more under Utah law than just mere reimbursement of the medical bills. Give us a call. The dog bite lawyers at McMullin Injury Law can help.


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