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Embrace Life - Buckle Up

Embrace Life – Buckle Up

Our job at McMullin Injury Law is to help people. We help people recover from their injuries after automobile accidents by ensuring that they are fairly compensated and adequately taken care of. Too many times, we see injuries that are worse than they needed to be. Wearing a seatbelt is extremely simple, yet the effects of that simple decision can be life changing. Each and every time you get into a car and drive, there is a chance that you could get into an accident. You can greatly decrease your odds of getting into an auto accident by driving carefully, obeying the traffic laws, and especially by not texting while driving.Unfortunately, even doing all of those things will not completely eliminate your risks. Situations on the road can change in an instant. Weather conditions and other drivers can impose risks on you that you are not prepared to handle. You could even be in an accident where you were not at fault in any way. No matter what situation may arise, you will not regret buckling up your seat belt prior to starting the car.The video featured on this page vividly describes buckling your seatbelt as “embracing life.” Maybe the only thing worse than losing a loved one, is losing a loved one whose passing could have been prevented. McMullin Injury Law supports the message that buckling a seatbelt is embracing life. You can help save a life of a friend or family member by reminding your loved ones to buckle up before starting the car. Sharing this video, and others like it, can help to make St. George, Utah a safer place to live, and a safer place to drive.


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