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Can A Minor Car Accident Cause Injury?

minor auto accident cause minor injuries - experienced personal injury attorney can helpAbsolutely. When a car gets hit, each person sitting in the vehicle could take the impact differently. If a 20-year old man is in his car with his great grandmother who has back problems, their bodies might take a hit very differently than one another whether the impact to the vehicle was super violent or pretty minor. As St. George car accident attorneys, we’ve seen major problems result from minor car accidents—it just depends on what factors were in play.
What if you didn’t have a seatbelt on? What if you saw the crash coming and tensed up? What if you hit your head on the window as your body was jolted side to side? Sometimes crashes can be at very low speeds and nobody gets hurt at all, which is fantastic! But sometimes a car might take a severe hit and not have tons of visible damage while the person inside the car had their body ricocheted back and forth more than hard enough to cause very serious injury. Both circumstances happen all the time. Injuries have to be evaluated on an individual basis as an impact and an injury can affect each person differently.
Types of Injuries We’ll start with impact injuries compared to penetrating injuries. Impact injures occur when a part of your body hits something else in the car, head to dash, knee to steer wheel, etc. Penetrating injuries are injuries that cause cuts, scrapes or lacerations, such as glass shattering and cutting your skin.

  • Soft tissue
    • These injuries are the most common type of injury sustained in car accidents. These injuries are defined as damage to the connective tissue such as, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. A common soft tissue injury is whiplash. Whiplash is the stretching of head and neck muscles and ligaments in reaction to the sudden movement of a collision. Lower back injuries are also very common, as muscle sprains can cause damage to the spine.
  • Scrapes and cuts
    • Any loose item inside of your vehicle can become a hazard during an accident. Cell phones, drink containers, toys, change, bags/purses or other unsecured items can shift and become airborne upon impact causing them to strike the body or cut the skin. Additionally, broken glass and car parts, may cause injuries as minor as small scrapes or bruises and as serious as lacerations that require stitches. Airbags also often cause cuts and scrapes during deployment.
  • Head
    • Minor accidents can still lead to traumatic injuries especially when considering the head. From whiplash described above to hitting your head along the driver side door, window, steering wheel or airbag you can suffer cuts and lacerations to concussions and for severe injuries, brain injuries. It is very important to monitor an individual after a car accident as head and brain injuries might not show visible symptoms but could manifest themselves within hours or days after an accident. Signs to watch for are headaches, blackouts, memory problems, irritability or change in personality.

hammer - minor auto accidents can cause serious injuries

If you’ve been involved in even a minor accident, don’t discount your symptoms. New pains can arise even a month after an accident occurred. It’s important to seek appropriate medical attention if you are suffering from injuries due to the result of an accident. McMullin Injury Law can help you navigate the legality of submitting an insurance claim so your medical bills can be covered, and you can be made whole. We offer free legal advice, so don’t wait, give us a call today.