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Police Statement on Crosswalk Safety

Some mistakes cannot be undone. St. George area schools host near constant foot-traffic. Most of those pedestrians are shorter than the hood of your car. The St. George City Police Department recently issued a public statement on this issue. The statement serves as a reminder that there are 19 school cross walks in the St. George area. We need to drive carefully while driving near any one of them.Most of these cross walks have flashing lights and part-time city employees standing by to assist the children for a half hour during the morning and a half hour in the afternoon. These precautions are not enough. Drivers must be aware that the children do not always utilize the cross walks. The part-time city employees and the officers assigned to each school do their best to ensure safety. Members of the St. George community should be courteous and respectful to these officials.

Next time you are driving near a school, slow down. Do not text and drive. Be aware of your surroundings, particularly during those busy traffic hours. One little mistake could change a life forever. As a community we can band together and ensure that children are completely safe on their way to and from school each day. Anthony McMullin, who serves as the mayor of “Safety Town” each year (safety town is a program that teaches local elementary school children how to stay safe and avoid traffic injuries) supports this effort and asks that we all do our part to keep the kids safe.

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