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st george atv accident

St. George ATV Accidents

Over the last few months there have been an increase in all terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents in Southern Utah. These accidents can be quite devastating. Even though these vehicles are designed for multiple off-road conditions, that doesn’t mean you want to be in an accident. You’re often exposed to the elements and helmets should be worn to protect your head. On average, the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission reports around 100,000 cases where people have been injured due to an ATV or UTV accident.

st george atv accidents

ATV Accidents

Common Causes

1. Driving at unsafe speeds

2. Reckless or careless operation

3. An inexperienced driver operating the vehicle

4. Too many riders in the vehicle

5. A child operating an adult ATV

6. Driving under the influence

7. Driving on paved roads or busy streets

8. Not using or improper use of safety equipment

9. Malfunctioning parts or defective design

ATV Accidents

Using ATVs can be fun and are a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Southern Utah. But inexperience, recklessness and improper safety measures can lead to vehicle accidents which can result in severe injury or death. The recent accidents in the area have reported the vehicles operating on paved roads. Be mindful that ATVs aren’t designed and made to operate on paved roads.


Common ATV accident injuries

  • Head injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries


It’s not uncommon for victims of ATV accidents to get thrown from or pinned under the vehicle. Even though there are certain safety measures and features being added to ATVs, experience and responsibility to safety are important. Inexperienced drivers aren’t familiar with how the vehicle maneuvers, driving at high-speeds and too many people in the vehicle can create a distraction, and frankly more people can mean more chance of injury. When more bodies are in a vehicle and/or aren’t properly secured, the bodies can become projectiles that could be flown if the vehicle rolls or flips.

If you are a victim of an ATV accident, you can seek legal counsel

It isn’t uncommon for insurance agencies to dismiss or drag their feet when it comes to ATV and UTV accident claims. There are three common scenarios attorneys often see, which may entitle you to compensation.

Other Operators' Negligence

These accidents typically occur when an operator fails to yield or look for other drivers on the trail; or if the driver is operating an ATV on a walking or hiking only trail.

Disregard For Safety

Sometimes people just don’t care to follow the rules or take proper safety measures. This can include operating the vehicle with more passengers, inexperienced operator, or driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or another substance.

Manufacturers defects or product liability

The manufacturer or vehicle rental company has failed to meet the necessary vehicle safety standards; therefore the injuries were the result for neglect.

Please know that the information above is given in generalities and that each case or claim is different. For that reason, if you have been in an accident, it is highly recommended that you speak with a qualified attorney.

You Need an Attorney

If you’ve been injured due to another operators’ negligence, you need an experienced injury attorney. These accidents as noted above can cause very serious injury. So if you’re the victim of an ATV accident call McMullin Injury Law. Our attorneys can inform you of your rights and get you the help and compensation you deserve.


One Client’s Story

Take a moment to hear from one of our valued clients as he shares his experience with Mcmullin Injury Law following his scooter accident. Victor recounts how Mcmullin Injury Law provided the essential support he and his wife required when confronted with substantial medical expenses in the aftermath of the accident. They decided to enlist the services of an attorney to advocate for his case.


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