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Press Release: St. George Police Department

In the video featured above, Sergeant Sam Despain of the St. George Police Department offers some interesting insights about the St. George Community.St. George is growing. This requires a police department that is open to new ways of doing things. A good working relationship with the community is necessary in order for the police department to be effective. The following are a few ways that the police department is changing:

The police department has created community action teams within each geographic region of town. This program is intended to help the citizens become empowered to watch over their own communities. Another way you can become involved is by attending the “citizens academy.” It is a several week course that teaches citizens how they can be part of the solution. This course is free to the public. It runs once per year. This course gives citizens perspective on what it is like to be a police officer in the St. George area.

The 911 dispatch center services all emergency services in the St. George area. They also have reverse 911 capability. Reverse 911 allows them to get information out to a lot of people in a short period of time.

Another way that the St. George Police Department is changing is learning how to better work with professionals who are experienced in working with individuals with psychological disorders and disabilities. Learning how best to help these individuals can go a long way towards dissolving problems and aiding these members of our community.

The St. George Police Department can only be as effective as the level of trust that they have from the members of our community. They offer the following helpful tips to St. George residents about how to prevent crime:

Many of our crimes are opportunity crimes, such people leaving their purses on their seats in an unlocked car. Also, texting while driving and speeding are our two biggest causes of serious traffic accidents. It will take a change within the citizens of our communities to make a change in the rate of serious traffic accidents.

At McMullin Injury Law, we support local law enforcement and encourage members of the St. George Community to spread this message.