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Road Construction Laws

This article discusses road construction laws in the state of Utah.

Right of Way/Directions

  • According to road construction laws in the state of Utah, a driver of the vehicle must give the right of way to a vehicle or pedestrian that is authorized for and engaged in highway construction or maintenance on the road. A person or driver must not willfully refuse to follow any direction of a worker/flagger at a highway construction area that is designated to control the flow of traffic. Also, the maintenance vehicles, especially within the construction zones, must drive safely according to road construction laws in Utah.

Duties of Contractors

  • If there is a hazard on a public highway created by construction, the contractor must place barricades, lights, and signs to warn drivers on the road of the hazard according to road construction laws in Utah. There is no liability for the contractor for any damage that results in a vehicle that drives into a construction zone or into a warning sign that is clearly visible.

Animal Laws on Roadways

  • There are also regulations that pertain to animals when dealing with road construction laws in Utah. A person riding an animal or riding in a carriage pulled by an animal, must obey and follow the Utah traffic code. Livestock cannot use the public roads; instead, they must use permitted livestock roads. Any person in control of any livestock cannot allow “livestock to stray or remain unaccompanied on a highway”.

Speed Limits

  • The speed limits of construction zones generally are lowered by 5-10 miles per hour. If a person commits a speeding violation in a highway construction or maintenance site where workers are present, a court will impose a fine for the offense of at least double the fine.

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