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Kylie is a valued member of our team. Kylie’s primary responsibility is to make sure that her clients have all their questions answered as quickly and easily as possible. Kylie knows how hard it is to recover after a car accident. The process can be confusing and overwhelming. She does an amazing job of making sure that every need of her clients are met by simply walking injured victims through the process of what comes next.

As a champion multi-tasker she enjoys itemizing what every client needs in order of importance and seeing those tasks through to the end to ensure that it is done right. Kylie likes working directly with clients and helping them make the best of a bad situation. She understands that injured clients have it rough and she can deeply empathize with their experience, as she’s been there herself.

Kylie is naturally a curious person. She enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, and meeting new people. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and has been involved in many different ventures. Her hobbies include outdoor activities involving water and sunshine, such as boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, traveling, and attending concerts.


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As a paralegal for the firm Judi works in many capacities. Ordering bills and records, handling communication between insurance companies and clients, making sure bills get processed correctly, preparing demands, settlement worksheets, and client contact. One of the unique things that Judi brings to the job is her knowledge and experience of what it’s like to need help after an accident. Before her employment at McMullin Injury Law, she was a client. She knows how overwhelming and difficult it can be to know where to turn after an accident. So, her mission is to help her clients in every aspect of their recovery process.

Prior to working at McMullin Injury Law, Judi worked as both the business office and warranty administrator at the local Ford Dealership and was a front desk and runner at Jensen Bayles. She loves working at McMullin Injury Law because of the relationships between the staff and clients. The team works well together and puts the clients’ needs first.

Judi is originally from the small town of Imbler in Eastern Oregon. She’s lived in St. George for 13 years and is raising her two boys here. She loves the hometown feel that St. George has to offer. When she isn’t working, Judi enjoys spending time with her family and friends. You can find her fishing, camping, or at the lake or ocean.



Magalle Nuno is the longest tenured paralegal at McMullin Injury Law. She handles a massive case load and still takes the time to treat each and every client with the upmost compassion, attention, and expertise. She is a resource to the rest of the paralegals at our firm.

Magalle’s favorite aspect of working with car accident attorneys is that she is able to help people get through hard times. From the time an injured victim first calls our office, Magalle enjoys doing her part to relieve their stress and make their lives a bit easier.

She has years of experience in personal injury case management. She has helped to resolve hundreds of personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Magalle is extremely talented at making sure that her clients get the medical treatment they need and that all bills are tracked, recorded, and paid on time by the right insurance provider. She takes great pride in being a resource to help her clients recover from their injuries. She is the authority when it comes to tracking her client’s treating providers and making sure they are paid on time while her client’s wait for their cases to settle. She is also highly skilled in resolving property damage issues and disputes. She works tirelessly to make sure insurance companies don’t take advantage of her clients.

Magalle is also fluent in Spanish. She is excellent at utilizing her bilingual skills to help clients during their time of need. Magalle is the personal injury law expert that the local spanish-speaking community is looking for. She takes the time to help educate every client on what their rights are and how to best accomplish their goals. If you were injured in a car accident and you are in need of legal assistance but you are more comfortable communicating in Spanish- Magalle is your answer. No other law firm can offer you the same care and attention to detail that you will get from Magalle.

Background & Education:

She grew up right here in St. George, Utah, where she graduated from Pine View High School. She then went on to earn her Associate of Science degree and finally, her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Dixie State University.

Personal Life:

Magalle is married to the love of her life and is mother to a beautiful little girl. She and her family live right here in sunny St. George. In her free time, she enjoys hiking in Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park.


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Magalle Nuno


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Mara is McMullin Injury Law's wunderkind. She has an innate ability to master complex problems extremely quickly. Mara's level of expertise makes it seem as though she has been a personal injury paralegal for thirty years- though it's only been three.

Mara is originally from Durango, Mexico. Her parents moved her family to the US when she was 9 years old and she has been here ever since. She has seen St. George grow and change rapidly over the last 20 years. Mara remembers when all we had was a Walmart inside what has now become our Red Cliffs Mall.

Mara is the mother of two spunky kids-- a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, and summer activities.

Mara is fluent in Spanish, and English. She is a paralegal at the firm, and has had the opportunity to work with all 5 attorneys in our office. Her favorite part about the work that we do is helping people get their lives on track after going through a tough time because of an accident or injury.

Mara Saenz


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Kacee C.


Kacee Cardon-Weldin is a skilled paralegal who has worked in the personal injury field since 2007. Every client loves Kacee. She spends a great deal of her time at the office handling the endless stacks of paperwork, medical records, and correspondence generated by personal injury cases. Kacee is the best in the industry at what she does.

Her common sense and attention to detail are appreciated every day at our office. Most importantly, she makes sure that our clients are informed on the progress of their individual cases. When Kacee steps in between you and a problem you are facing, the problem goes away. Her intellect and her compassion for other human are unmatched. There is nothing better than seeing the emotions of relief that overtake a clients face after Kacee took things over and made things right.

Kacee was born and raised in Washington, Utah right next door to St. George where our office is located. She graduated from Pine View High School and completed her Associate of Science degree at Dixie State University. Not only does she work at our law firm, she is almost done with coursework for her Bachelors of Psychology Degree, also from Dixie State. Kacee is the mother to a spunky and energetic little boy.

When she’s not working for clients, doing homework or spending time with her son, Kacee runs marathons—for fun! She’s worn through more sets of shoes than she can count as she’s trained for and completed eleven full marathons (26.2 miles each!) and countless half marathons.

Kacee Weldin


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Teri Arredondo is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She moved here to beautiful sunny St. George in June of 2014. She is mother to 6 beautiful children, 4 of her own and 2 by marriage with her husband of two years. She also has 2 granddaughters and another one on the way. Teri loves being outdoors. Whether its doing yardwork, hiking, going for walks, or even a nice long drive with her husband. Cooking is her favorite thing to do. Her happiest moments are when she is able to serve those she loves by cooking them a nice meal. She finds joy in bringing smiles to their faces.

Teri is a paralegal at McMullin Injury Law and has been with the firm for two years. She loves her coworkers and enjoys the work environment because we all work together to help people. Teri is known around our office for being genuine and kind. Before joining our firm, Teri spent her career in Medical Billing & Collections for Intermountain Healthcare. Her vast array of past experience handling the many difficult situations that arise in the world of medical billing has made Teri a valuable asset to our firm and more importantly, to our clients.

Teri is able to diffuse a client's stress related to any medical treatment or billing situation. She takes over, gets things handled the right way, and it works out.

Prior to her time in medical billing, Teri had a wide array of experience working for companies such as Wells Fargo, Zions Bank, First Security Bank, GE Capital and Discover Card.

Teri Arredondo


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Stephanie Spainhower is a paralegal at McMullin Injury Law. She is in love with her job! She loves having the opportunity to help people that need it most-- when they are injured and overwhelmed. Lots of stress can come with a car accident or other injury. She makes our client's problems go away.

She tackles a variety of issues for our clients. For example: getting a new car or getting one fixed, making doctor’s appointments, missing work, making sure bills are paid, and handling calls from all sorts of insurance adjusters with lots of questions. Stephanie is happy to take on those things for her clients, removing as much stress from them as possible.

Before starting her career at McMullin Injury Law, Stephanie had experience working in property and casualty insurance, health insurance, finance, human resources, and victim advocacy. She is proud to have worked for St. George’s DOVE Center, as a public educator for students of many ages, from sixth grade to college level at DSU.

Stephanie continues to enjoy involvement in social justice and advocacy through her writing and other volunteerism. She loves comedy, crime documentaries, her dog, and her family. Her dream is to buy and renovate an old St. George home, styled with art deco inspirations, and very pink!

Stephanie Spainhower


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Alma Muniz

Medical Billing & Records Specialist

Alma enjoys working at McMullin Injury Law because she loves the people she works with. She is proud to be an important piece of the puzzle where she can do her part to help people out after a car accident or serious injury.

One of her favorite parts about what she does is the feeling of completion when she is able to get a client’s massive stack of complex medical bills and records organized in a way that makes sense so their story can be properly told. That can be a tall order, and Alma is up to the task. She spends all-day everyday contacting the hundreds of medical providers that our injured clients have seen for treatment and she tracks down their bills and records so we can have an accurate picture of exactly what our clients went through.

Alma is an extremely hard-worker and is able to get anything done. She is an excellent listener and pays attention to the details. That helps her in her position at our firm where organization is everything.

Alma has lived here in St. George for more than 20 years. She graduated from Millcreek Highschool here in St. George where she then attended Dixie State University. Alma loves her dog, Mia, she is a malamute German Shepherd.

In her free time, Alma enjoys the outdoors. She loves to go to the lake with friends and family and loves to snowboard in the winter.



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Litigation Specialist

Born and raised in St. George, Paul attended Dixie High School, Dixie College and then LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. Later, upon returning from an LDS mission to Germany, Paul met and married his wife Roberta, who at the time was employed as a paralegal at a local law firm.

At the prompting of Roberta’s boss, Paul became interested in law and legal proceedings.This newfound interest took Paul and Roberta to the Los Angeles area where Paul attended Bryan College of Court Reporting.

After certifying and passing the California and Utah state exams, their small family (which now included their two children Liesel and Anthony) was able to return to St. George where Paul opened a court reporting firm. A few short years later, Paul was hired by the Utah State Court Administers office to work for the Fifth District Court side-by-side with Judge J. Philip Eves and his court staff.

During his career in the legal system, Paul worked for the District and Federal Courts and many attorneys throughout the state of Utah. Recently, after almost 35 years of legal work, Paul retired to spend more time with his wife, five children and 17 grandchildren. Retirement didn’t last long, however. When the opportunity came to work part-time with the fast-growing personal injury law firm of McMullin Injury Law, Paul jumped at the chance to get involved.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren or watching and participating in all sports. GO JAZZ!!!!

Paul McMullin


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Kim will be the first person to greet you when you walk in the doors of McMullin Injury Law. Kim is our firm's first line of defense in getting you the help you need after an accident. You'll know immediately upon your first interaction that Kim is a person who cares deeply about others. She has a huge heart and she does a great job setting people at ease during tough times.

Kim enjoys being able to see the changes we are able to bring to peoples' lives over the course of handling their injury case. She sees people in the early stages when life is tough, and she gets to see their faces light up when we are able to make things right and get them the help they deserve. Sharing in that joy is Kim's favorite part of her job.

Kim is a people person. She connects with people immediately and makes them feel at home. Whether an issue is big or small, Kim is always willing to help.

Kim is married and is the proud mother of four beautiful daughters. She also helps care for two small children of a distant family member who is going through a tough time. Kim has lived in St. George for 12 years and she is happiest when she is spending time with family.

Kim Barnes


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