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what happens after the trial

St. George Attorney: What Happens After the Trial?

Question: After the trial, if we win, how long does it take to receive the money?St. George Attorney Answer:

If the verdict is in your favor, it can take weeks to a month to process and finalize the result of the trial. As long as the defense does not appeal the outcome of the case, both attorneys will then determine the final numbers in regards to the verdict and award, including interest, court costs, deductions, and attorneys’ fees.

What happens if we lose?

If all goes well with the help of your St. George attorney, you will not lose. In the case that you do, your attorney will talk with you about possibly appealing the verdict. That is an expensive route to go, but your attorney can help you decide if that will be the right decision. It is important to remember that losing is a possibility. Proceeding to trial carries risk. It means that you think your case is worth significantly more than what the adjuster believes it is worth. There is always a possibility that you and your attorney are wrong.

If we lose, can I still get a settlement?

In a minority of cases, the insurance carrier might offer a small settlement in order to avoid an appeal on your part. This isn’t likely. Concentrate on working with your attorney in St. George to win your case at trial. If your lawyer and you are both well prepared and liability is clear, you will most likely win.

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