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what will my attorney do to handle my case

St. George Attorney: What Will my Attorney Do to Handle my Case?

Question: What will my attorney do to handle my case?St. George Attorney Answer:After you initially meet with your attorney and they become familiar with the case regarding your accident in St. George, Utah, your attorney will investigate your claim further. This means they will review:

  • Statements from witnesses
  • Police reports of the incident
  • Possibly a visit to the scene where the incident occured
  • Review of relevant statutory law (law passed by local legislature)
  • Review of relevant case law (laws interpreting statutory law)
  • Review of all reports from medical professionals
  • Review of all medical records
  • Possibly hiring an investigator to further research the details of the incident.

In addition, your lawyer will get in touch with the insurance company for the person or company that caused your injuries. Once your attorney has made this initial contact and investigation, he or she will keep in touch with you. Your lawyer will assist you in ensuring:

  • You are following the orders of your doctors and other medical professionals.
  • You are doing all you can to improve and heal from your injury.
  • You are giving your attorney copies of your medical records of all bills related to your injury.
  • You are keeping and providing records of any wages lost due to your injury.
  • You have records of any witnesses relevant to your claim.

Your St. George lawyer will obtain relevant medical records with the use of the authorization forms that are mentioned below.  He or she will then review the records that arrive from your medical practitioners and keep your case up to date.

To Help Your Lawyer with Your Case

The top priority for you in helping your case go smoothly is to make sure your lawyer has copies of your medical bills, expenses, and loss of wages in relations to your injury. These are additional things you can do to help:

  • Return phone calls from your attorney right away.
  • Read and respond to all messages from your attorney.
  • Attend all appointments with doctors and medical professionals.
  • Keep careful records of bills and lost wages related to the injury, as previously described.
  • Keep track of all witness that may be able to testify regarding the incident or your injuries.
  • Take any photographs that your lawyer asks you for, and keep careful record of these, including copies and negatives or digital files.
  • Communicate with your lawyer immediately if you have any change in contact information such as address, email address, or phone number. Also let your lawyer know if marital status or employment status changes, or if you have any dramatic change in your health.
  • Be candid and honest when answering any questions from your lawyer.
  • Review and sign all forms requested by your lawyer.

Why do I have to sign so many forms?

Your personal information cannot be released doctors, hospitals, your employer, or anyone else without your signed authorization.   It is against the law to release your personal information, medical and otherwise, to your lawyer or anyone else without the proper documentation, and that must be signed by you.  Your lawyer will ask you to sign all of the necessary forms so that he or she can obtain the records needed for your claim.