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injured woman in neck brace

St. George man killed by distracted driver.

We all know that we should not text and drive. We’ve heard the statistics; nine people per day are killed by distracted drivers, texting while driving is a greater impairment than drunk driving, those that text while they drive are twenty-three times more likely to be in a car crash. Those facts should be compelling, yet nearly half of all drivers admit to texting while driving.
On March 4th, 2013, David and Leslee Henson, of St. George, Utah, decided to go for a walk down Dixie Drive towards Sunbrook Golf Course. A driver, speeding down Dixie Drive on her way to work, decided to send a routine text message. Fred Konrath was also driving that day. His car was rear-ended at a high-speed by the texter. All he could do was watch as his car was sent in an out-of-control skid in the direction of the sidewalk where David and Leslee were walking. Fred witnessed Dave desperately attempt to push his wife to safety. They were both hit. Dave Henson lost his life that morning. Leslee underwent major reconstructive surgery and intensive care. Thankfully, she is expected to recover.

This is Leslee’s story . . .