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Stop Going in Circles: Why Using a Personal Injury Attorney Will Help You

When you’ve been involved in an accident and you’re trying to resolve your claim with an insurance company, it’s likely you feel that you’re going around in circles because the same things keep happening. First you go to doctor appointments, then you discuss your case with insurance adjusters, then you have more doctor appointments followed by more conversations with adjusters. With each passing day, your frustration increases because you’re really not making much progress toward a resolution of your claim.  You feel like your case is just going around in circles.  We think that sounds like being in a rowboat with only one oar—you just go around in circles. When you contact an attorney, it’s like adding a whole crew to the rowboat—and each person brings an oar to help row to shore.  Together you begin to make progress.  When you decide to hire an attorney to help resolve your personal injury claim, each person at the law firm works for you—not the insurance companies.  Our goal is to help you stop spinning in circles so you can get back on firm ground. At McMullin Injury Law, our focus is personal injury law.  That means that we work with people who have been injured because of the negligence of someone else, and we help our clients resolve their personal injury claims.  When you use a licensed personal injury attorney, it’s like adding a whole crew of people to your vessel so you stop going in circles.