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After A Car Accident In St. George, Can You Sue Someone?

Yes, but you usually don’t have to. Civil law says that when someone causes an accident, they (or more accurately, their insurance) is supposed to pay out enough to cover the damage they caused and make things right. When you have a rightful claim, you have the ability to potentially win your case if you were to end up filing a lawsuit. In practice, that option is only ever exercised when the insurance companies just refuse to do the right thing and pay out properly on valid claims.

People in southern Utah hate filing lawsuits and going to court. The vast majority of the time we are able to present your claim the correct way so that we can get the insurance company to do the right thing and settle the claim without ever having to sue anybody; this is especially true when you have an attorney involved early in the process so the claim can be handled correctly from the start.

Nine times out of ten, hiring a personal injury lawyer does not actually mean you are suing anybody. But that you have the ability to sue if and when the insurance company were to refuse a rightful settlement is what gives you leverage to negotiate for a fair outcome without having to go to court.

At McMullin Injury Law we can help you navigate the process. Our attorneys and paralegals are experts in the field knowing the information and documentation needed to file a rightful and complete claim that will cover your expenses. We will walk you through the process, then take the reins. That way your focus is on your recovery and getting life back to normal. We’ll coordinate with doctors’ offices, insurance companies, auto body shops, etc. to draft a complete claim to get you the fair and legal compensation you deserve.

The stigma of hiring an attorney can make you feel like you’re greedy or being dramatic. But in reality, if you’ve been injured in an accident at the fault of someone else, you have the legal right and deserve to be made whole. There should be no shame or guilt in that. The intent of civil law is to make it like it never even happened and that the insurance for the at-fault person should cover the costs of everything so that it’s like the accident never happened, at least financially speaking.

Rarely is anyone acting with intent to cause harm. Seeking professional representation is the right thing to do when you’ve been involved in an accident. If we start the process early, we can often help you get compensated faster and avoid court altogether. The attorneys at McMullin Injury Law are here to guide you through the process. We’re on your team. Our focus is on you. If you need legal assistance after an accident or just want advice, call us today to speak to attorney.