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Utah Divorce Law – Cost & Time

This article provides information about the cost and time associated with divorce according to Utah divorce law.

  • Definition: Divorce happens after a married couple does not want to be legally married and/or living together anymore; it is legally dissolving a marriage.
  • How much does a divorce cost?
      • There is a lot that goes into the divorce process. Filing for divorce costs $318 in Utah, however, there is a lot more to a divorce than just a small fee. Let’s list some examples and how much they cost:
  • Mutually agreed divorce: When a couple can agree on the terms prior to them filing for divorce, the cost can be significantly lower than if they are not on agreeing terms. The average cost of a divorce when both parties already agree on all terms for the divorce can be as low as $100-$400. When they are not on agreeing terms, it can involve divorce attorneys. Most divorces are far more expensive than just a few hundred dollars.
  • Having Minor Children: Filing for divorce while they are minors involved can make it more lengthy and costly. What this really means is that attorneys need to be involved in order to complete the divorce process. The average cost of a divorce according to Utah divorce law is in Utah is $13,200, including around $10,000  in attorney fees. The average hourly rate for divorce attorneys in Utah is $250, it takes on average 53 hours total work time to start and complete a divorce.
  • Disputing over Alimony: Alimony is the financial legal obligation for a spouse in the event of a marriage separation or divorce. In the event of a divorce, sometimes there are disagreements over how much support one spouse is willing to provide.
  • Property Division problems: When a couple file for divorce, one major component of the divorce according to Utah divorce law is the division of property. Property can be one of the most disputed issues in any divorce. In other words, who gets what?
  • Do-It-Yourself: Utah divorce law says that if both spouses are in full agreement to all of the terms of the divorce, then a Do-It-Yourself or DIY divorce can be an option that is much cheaper. In Utah, there are clinics that offer their DIY divorce for a price much lower than that of one that involves a divorce attorney. If a couple file for divorce and they do not have minor children, the total DIY divorce is $543, which includes the $318 Utah divorce filing fee. If a couple file for divorce with minor children, the DIY divorce is $643, which includes the $318 Utah divorce filing fee. Keep in mind that many who choose to undergo a divorce without professional legal help end up dealing with long-term unfortunate consequences down the road.
  • How long does a divorce take?
      • Utah divorce law says that a divorce has a minimum 90 day mandatory ‘waiting period’ – this is a time where the spouses should ‘cool off’ and helps many people make rational decisions because emotions won’t be so high. Once the 90 day waiting period is over, the divorce may be completed – it will take at least 90 days to complete.

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