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Wildfire Attorneys

Southern Utah is prone to wildfires. Year after year, with drought conditions, fire restrictions and prevention campaigns, wildfires still happen. A new report from First Street Foundation completed a 30-year simulation of fires across America and found that southwest Utah is one of the riskiest areas in the country. What does this mean for our area in Washington and Iron Counties? It means that we can take action to protect our property and educate ourselves of the dangers involving wildfires.Yard MaintenanceRemove dry dead grasses and plants from your yard. Trim trees making sure branches aren’t overhanging your home. Clear out leaves and pine needles. These materials make great kindling that can continue to fuel a rogue fire.Fireproofing Your House

Hardening your home with fire-resistant materials will help keep your home from igniting from potential embers. Siding and wood will burn more easily than stucco, fiber cement or other resistant materials. Wood and shingle roofs more susceptible to catching fire. If you need a new roof, consider metal or tile. Glass can crack and break if it reaches a hot enough temperature. Using tempered glass and double paned windows can help maximize protection and protect against embers and smoke.

Cover Openings

During a wildfire, close and protect openings including attics and basement doors, vents and windows. Remove flammable drapes and curtains and replace with non-combustible drapes. Leave windows unlocked incase fire rescue needs to make a quick entry.

Have an Evacuation Plan

Each person in the house should have multiple exit strategies. If the primary exit is compromised, then each individual has other options for getting out of the house safely. If your home has a second floor, fire ladders need to be readily accessible. Basements should have at least one exit through a door or window.

Frankly wildfires can happen at any time and for any reason. During the summer, when wildfires are more likely, fire restrictions are meant to prohibit the use of fire for recreational purposes. From campfires to fireworks, high winds can blow embers quickly and up to a mile. So just because a wildfire can be far away, with the right weather conditions, embers can move rapidly, causing a lot of destruction.

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not provide adequate coverage to help homeowners, renters and business owners recover their losses from wildfire damage. Wildfires can cause more than just property damage and you should be compensated for all of your losses. If you or a loved one was burned in a fire, your injuries might not be fully covered. This is where a personal injury and property damage attorney can help.

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