2017 Coloring Contest Winners

Our 4th annual Back-to-School Coloring Contest has come to a close. We had more entries this year than ever before. Some kids really went above and beyond in adding 3-D specials effects, glitter, or a variety of other artistic additions to their entries. They were all very good and we really appreciate that so many parents and their kids took the time to enter our contest. It was a lot of fun taking a look at each one. We hope the safety messages to buckle-up in the car and wear a helmet on your bike are things the kids will remember.

Congratulations to our grand-prize winner, Carlos. Take a look at that $500.00 smile:

We also had 4 other winners at the $100.00 level. Here are a few more photos:

cedar city coloring contest

law firm

andrew spainhower lawyer

Our goal with this contest is to do something fun that gives back to the community in some way. Many people in St. George trust us to handle their legal issues and protect their rights when they need help the most- after an injury. Car accidents happen every day in Southern Utah, sometimes they aren’t so bad, but sometimes they can be devastating. Our goal is to help people in Southern Utah get taken care of properly after every crash. We want to say thank you to those of you who have trusted us when you needed help. We look forward to continuing to give back to this community with our Christmas Giveaway contest this year.

Thanks again,

McMullin Legal Group

Safety Coloring Contest Winners – 2016!

Announcing the Winners of McMullin Legal Group’s 3rd Annual Safety Coloring Contest!    dsc_1042-copy Our Grand Prize Winner: Emmett, is all about the benjamins.

Our 3rd Annual Safety Coloring Contest featured more entries than ever. Some contestants got very creative we saw everything ranging from helmets shining with glitter, to even pop-out 3D art! We appreciate the hundreds of parents who took the time to have their kids participate. Thank you for doing your part to teach our kids about the importance of safety.

Too often, we see children get hurt by cars. Whether they are in the car, or on a bike, or just playing on foot in their own neighborhood, its never to early for children in our community to start learning about how to be safe around vehicles. We look forward to repeating this tradition each year. Thanks for working together with us to help teach kids about the importance of safety.

st george coloring

Our grand-prize winner finding out he won

Our winners were drawn out at random. Our grand prize winner took home $500 and our four second place winners received $100 a piece. Please enjoy the smiling faces of our artists featured below:

dsc_1043 dsc_1044 dsc_1045  dsc_1047 dsc_1048 dsc_1049




Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our 2015 Back-to-School Coloring Contest. Congratulations to our winners! We received loads of entries, and in the end, these five local kids took home the cash. Our $500 grand prize winner was: Emily Ord, age 12. We had four 2nd place winners that took home a stack of 100 one-dollar-bills: Easton Ellet, age 13; Aubrey Widdison, age 10; Gracie Glazer, age 5; and Ricky Hall, age 10. We had tons of fun running this contest and we plan to do so again in 2016. Stay safe kids!



Recent Client Testimonial

Hearing back from happy clients is our favorite part of the work that we do. We pride ourselves on treating each and every client like they are our only one. Our goal is to be the law firm where people can get the help that they need when they don’t know where else to turn. Whether you are in Cedar City, or St. George, we try to make it clear how important your individual case is to our firm. The following is our most recent client testimonial:

McMullin Legal Group acted in a professional manner. They assigned a specific individual to my case which made it easier for me to communicate with the lawyer directly. I really appreciated the concern shown for my individual case, as well as the timely manner of their work. 



How to Enter:

  Step 1:  Click the following link & print your copy of our Coloring Book Page:  mcmullin-contestpage-2015   Step 2:  Add your safety message to the bubbles; color it in!   Step 3:  Add your name, age, and phone number at the bottom of the page.   Step 4:  Drop off your entry at our office.   Step 5:  Win Prizes!

How Do I Win?

It’s not about being artistic, its about teaching our kids about safety. Every single entrant will automatically win a gift card to SWIG. Five entries will be randomly selected for cash prizes for a BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING SPREE. First place will receive $500, 2nd through 5th will receive $100 a piece.

Rules, Deadlines & Eligibility: There is no age limit to enter and receive a SWIG Gift Card, but only entrants 13 and under will be eligible for cash prizes. Deadline to enter is Friday, August 28th at 2:30 p.m. We will draw out and contact our winners on Tuesday, September 1st, 2015.

Why a Coloring Contest?

At McMullin Legal Group, we understand the importance of teaching our children about safety. We sponsor safety town every year and this year we wanted to take it a step further. We help people who get hurt in auto accidents. It’s what we do. When the victims are children, our job is even less fun.