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4 Most Dangerous Intersections in St George Utah

The population in St George Utah and the surrounding areas have grown 1,370.97% over 1969-2021. The increase in population has led to infrastructure and construction to accommodate the influx of people and ultimately more vehicles on the roadways. With more people and cars, the chance for traffic accidents to occurs increases dramatically. Add distractions, impatience, and negligence and that creates the perfect storm for things to go wrong.

These are the 4 most dangerous intersections in St George, Utah.

  1. Dixie Drive and Sunset

This intersection sees a lot of accidents from drivers failing to turn left. This means that drivers aren’t yielding the right of way to the vehicle that is approaching from the opposite direction. These accidents typically occur when people are in a hurry and trying to make it through a yellow-red light and getting caught in the intersection.

  1. 1000 E and St George Boulevard

This intersection gets backed up particularly due to the interchange traffic from the freeway. People often fail to stop in time and don’t account for the influx of traffic due to people getting on and off the freeway.

  1. River Road and Riverside Drive

River Road gets congested with morning and evening commutes. In the mornings people are pressed for time and may make more aggressive driving decisions in order to get to work on time. At the end of the day, people just want to get home, they’re tired and may be less likely to pay full attention to what they’re doing and the situation around them.

  1. Telegraph and 3050 East

This intersection is near Costco, by the Green Springs freeway exit. It gets very congested with the combination of retail and freeway traffic. The heavy traffic is known to produce violent accidents which can cause serious injury.

Of course accidents occur in other areas of St George, but these four intersections have such high volume of vehicles on the road that more accidents are occurring in these locations.

Common accidents include front, side-impact, and read-end collisions. These accidents can cause minor to serious injury depending on the speed and roadway conditions. Injuries can include soft tissue strains, sprains and whiplash, cuts and scrapes, head injuries, paralyzation and even death.

What can be done to prevent accidents?

  1. Give yourself time. There’s potential for something to inconvenience your schedule. Give yourself the time to get to your appointments without being in a rush.
  2. Avoid aggressive driving. It’s important to be alert, but don’t be in such a rush that you’re making dangerous lane changes, cutting people off or speeding.
  3. Drive the speed limit. Many accidents at these intersections are due to high speeds and inability to stop in time. Drive the speed limit and be mindful of the conditions and traffic situation around you.
  4. Remove distractions. Turn down the radio. Put down your phone. Focus on the road and get to your destination safely.

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