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At McMullin Injury Law, we practice exclusively in the area of injury law. This means that we use Civil Law (or tort law) to help people protect their rights and get treated fairly after they have been hurt. The most common ways people tend to hurt each other by accident is in our cars, so we see a lot of motor vehicle accident cases- including car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, and semi-truck crashes. Other types of injury cases we handle include injuries at work (workers compensation), premises liability cases (slip and fall), and dog bite incidences.

We only practice law in areas that we are extremely proficient in. The logic goes that because we have handled hundreds of injury cases like yours, we know that we can promise you the best possible representation. We can provide you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are getting the best help available.

There are many other areas of law that people in Southern Utah may have questions about. There are many great and many not-so-great lawyers in Southern Utah who practice in a wide variety of areas. You might need help with a will, or maybe you have questions about criminal law. Those are cases that we don’t take on, but we want to help the people of Southern Utah whenever possible. That is why we have created additional sections on our website.

The articles below will provide you with two things: 1) quick answers to basic legal questions you might have in a wide variety of areas, and 2) contact information for multiple local attorneys who have expertise in the area you have questions about. Because we are lawyers, we know a lot of other local lawyers, and we deal with a lot of other local lawyers on a regular basis. Please browse the articles below. Our goal is that you will come away with the quick answer you are looking for for your basic legal question. If you need more info, our goal is that you will be able to contact a helpful and competent local lawyer who has expertise in that area right away.

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