How the Size of Your Wallet Protects you in a Car Wreck

Does Money Protect You In Car Crashes?

It does not take a genius to figure out that larger vehicles offer more protection in the event of a crash, but new studies reveal that safety goes far beyond that.

A new study by the University of Buffulo found that sticker price has a strong inverse correlation with injury claims. The study looked at the frequency and severity of personal injury claims related to 360 different vehicle models over a three-year span. For every thousand pounds of weight on the vehicle, personal injury claims made by their drivers decreased by an astonishing 19%. But we could have guessed that. It makes sense. When an enormous Dodge Ram crashes into a Mazda Miata, the driver of the Ram certainly has a much higher chance to be ok than the driver of the Miata. We don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us that. It’s true for a variety of reasons. For one, there is simply more space between the point of impact and the person. For another, that space is occupied by more material to absorb the blow in the larger vehicle. Finally, the height that the vehicle sits at plays a huge role. Typically, the car with the higher bumper wins, bumpers are designed to absorb impact. A door will usually cave in more than a bumper will when the two come into direct contact. This problem is made worse when the lower-sitting vehicle is braking. When you brake, the nose of your car points down, making it potentially even more likely that the higher-bumper vehicle will come into contact with a relatively fragile portion of your vehicle. But we can assume much of this.

The part of the study that is so fascinating is that the price of a vehicle protects the occupant whether or not the vehicle is larger and heavier. For every $10,000 you spend on a car, injuries decrease by 12%. It begs the question as to whether the more expensive vehicles are better prepared for impacts even when they may or may not score better in standard crash tests, or whether the drivers of more expensive vehicles are somehow avoiding some of the more serious car accidents where more devastating injuries would surely occur.

Either way, it is important to do whatever possible to stay safe on the road. If that means spending more on a vehicle, it’s worth it.

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No Injury Case too Big or too Small

No Injury Case Too Big or Too Small

It’s difficult to understand how much even a minor car accident can affect you until you have been in one. Suffering only minor injuries from a car crash is a very common thing. Sometimes, people get into accidents and don’t suffer any injuries at all. That is what we all hope for. Unfortunately, even low-speed accidents can cause some pain, particularly in the neck and back. Sometimes it takes a few days after the accident for people to realize that they don’t feel right. Once they notice the pain, many people don’t bother to even see a doctor because they don’t realize that their own auto insurance will automatically pay for them to at least get checked out. In fact, Utah law requires that all Utah insurance policies offer a minimum of $3,000 in medical benefits after a car wreck.

In Utah, if you are able to heal and feel completely better within only a few doctor’s visits, you may not ever have to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Personal Injury Attorneys in St. George Utah realize this. Many injury attorneys in Southern Utah are unwilling to take your case until they know that you have exceeded the initial $3,000 in medical bills. At McMullin Legal Group, we care about you and your case. Whether big or small, we realize that your case is important to you– so it’s important to us. If you have been involved in an auto accident, we are happy to meet with you to explain your options even if you are not badly hurt. At our office, people come first.


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It’s nice to be reminded that even during the rat-race of life, we can all do little things that make a big difference. The video featured above sends a powerful message. It does a great job of shifting our perspective. Early in the video, we find ourselves thinking how awkward it would be if someone asked us to share food in the mall. Sometimes we are so self-absorbed that we miss the bigger picture. The people in this video, who had very little, were more than willing to share. We are all members of the St. George community, and we all have hard times. Hopefully we can all remember to reach out and help each other when we’re down.

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